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Post by Hime on Wed Jun 29, 2016 3:20 am

Welcome to Ilvermorny Academy

 Harry Potter X-Perts

This is a forum created after the newly-released information from JK Rowling, regarding the North American wizarding school. This is a roleplay forum, intended for ages 13 and older. Before you proceed on into the site, please be sure to read the basic rules below.

Quill 1. Pornographic Content
Quite simply, pornographic media of any kind is strictly prohibited. Posting this kind of material will result in automatic ban.

Quill 2. Profanity
Strictly prohibited words on this website are the 'N' word, 'C' word, and any other words that have discriminatory connotation. The 'F' word can only be used in writing, if it is properly censored.

Quill 3. Spamming/Harassment
Repetitive posts and irrelevant content is considered spam. Spam posted will be deleted, and the offender is at risk of getting suspended or banned. Harassment is any form of making other members feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. If you witness harassment, take a screenshot and show a site leader. There can be no reprimanding without proper proof.

Quill 4. Drugs/Alcohol
Outside of being mentioned in writing (in moderation, of course), discussion of alcohol and drugs is disallowed.

Quill 5. Personal Information
Explicit personal information such as address & phone number is not allowed to be posted on the site. All other information can be posted with discretion. This site is not responsible for incidents in this field.

Quill 6. Backseat Modding
Quite frankly, this is an annoying issue. If you are not given a special rank, do not pretend like you have the power. Report any offenses to a site leader, do not try to deal with them yourself.

Snitch  These rules are subject to change as the site grows and develops.  Snitch

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